Tošo Dabac was born on  May 18th 1907 in Nova Rača near Bjelovar. He finished the primary school in Rača and then frequented the King’s College for Classic Languages in Zagreb, followed by law studies at the Zagreb University. His first encounter with photography dates from 1924 in Samobor, where he visited his younger schoolmate Ivica Sudnik.




The Tošo Dabac Archive is currently an in situ art collection with almost 200 000 negatives, some 2000 vintage masterprints, valuable photographic equipment, library and hemerotecha. It represents one of the most complete collections of that kind in the world because it contains the complete works of Tošo Dabac, one of the most important and most diverse Croatian photographer; winner of numerous awards and an artist who has had a great influence on Croatian photography.




Motivated with the work of Tošo Dabc and in particular with his collection Zagreb in the thirties, we decided to launch a unique online photo gallery of city Zagreb – ZGB art web gallery. Our aim is to create the biggest collection of artistic photography with motives of Zagreb, through which we would support promotion of the city and provide you, all local photographers and international Zagreb lovers, with a space where your could regularly be seen by BLUR magazine’s readers all over the world. 


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It is extremely important to continuously support the heritage of Tošo Dabc, as it is also an initiative to safeguard Croatian photography name in Europe.


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